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Looking for an account?

If you’re interested in using DocumentCloud, just ask. Okay, so it isn't quite that simple:

DocumentCloud accounts are all newsroom based. DocumentCloud is available to anyone who reports on primary source documents. For the most part our users are journalists, but if you are doing document based investigative reporting we'd love to have you join us, even if you aren't a newsroom-based journalist in the conventional sense. If you're not in a traditional newsroom, please do show us some of your reporting and tell us a little bit about the kind of documents you're working with.

If that describes you, definitely request an account. We ask two things of prospective users: permission to add your newsroom to our public list of document contributors (you'd be in excellent company) and a note (email is just fine) from your editor or editorial director confirming that they understand that you'll be contributing documents to a public catalog and approve your participation in DocumentCloud. Once we get the go-ahead from your editor, expect to be up and running within two weeks.

Office Hours

We're experimenting with something new: office hours. Find us in #documentcloud on New to IRC? The webchat is the easiest way to hop on, but if you want to know more about how IRC works, there's a primer for that, or if you're ready to test out different IRC clients, check out Social Source Commons.

Jeremy (as jashkenas) and Ted (as knowtheory) should definitely be in the channel most workdays from 9-5 eastern time, and the odds are good we'll keep longer hours than that. Drop in and let us know where you're stuck!

Other Questions

Most questions about how to use DocumentCloud should be sent to For other questions, feel free to email us or phone (202) 505-1010.

Looking for technical support DocumentCloud? Browse our documentation, drop into IRC or write to We always welcome DocumentCloud bug reports and feature requests at UserVoice.

If you need help implementing our software components (eg. Jammit, CloudCrowd, Underscore.js, Backbone.js, Docsplit, or Pixel Ping) please file an issue directly on Github.